The website of Ai (extrude.ragu), a SecondLife resident.

Find on my blog updates about my various in-world stores and the software I write and maintain for SecondLife, along with news and opinion.

I currently run three different stores in SecondLife which sell different types of items:

  • Rei's Stuff
    My primary store, focused on clothing items for anime avatars
  • Goodwood
    My alt Hana's store - She sells Trees!
  • Interactions
    Naoko's store - Focused on systems that enable and improve intimacy

I write and maintain various software for SecondLife including

  • Anim Hacker
    A utility for editing .anim animation files
  • Dr Frank Shape Combiner
    A utility for combining head and body shapes
  • Audio Converter for SL
    A utility to split and normalise audio files so they are ready to upload to SecondLife

Of course, I also run the sim Kokoro Academy, but updates about that can be found on its own site!