Notice: All of my Software is in no way affiliated with SecondLife, OpenSim or Linden Labs.

Which of my Programs will help you today? Have a look below:-

Anim Hacker
Use Anim Hacker to edit the raw contents of SecondLife’s .anim animation files.Download the latest version of Anim Hacker here.
Audio for SL Converter
A tool to quickly convert audio to be suitable for SL upload. This is an older tool of mine, it’s a bit clunky, unfortunately I never kept the source. Still, it does a job! What it does Feed it an audio file such as an mp3 and it will * Normalize
Dr Frank - Head and Body Shape Combiner
In SecondLife, mesh heads and mesh bodies are usually sold separately and come with their own shapes designed to make the product look good. The trouble is that we can only wear one shape, so our head shape will replace our bodies shape, or our bodies shape will replace our
GLTF Packer
GLTF Packer is a convenience utility intended for SecondLife users who want to pack textures into a GLTF file for upload. At time of writing, the only way to get Lossless Normal Maps into SecondLife is to upload materials as GLTF files. Use GLTF Packer to create .GLTF Material files