Captain's Anime Directory


This is a list of anime community sims in Second Life that I think are worth recommending for one reason or another.

Use this list to find regions you might enjoy. It's by no means definitive but you might discover something new on it!

I will update the directory from time to time as I find new sims!

What makes it onto my directory?

In general I am looking for things like:-

  • Anime theme in the region, Japanese theme/culture/well researched.
  • The people in the region like anime themselves and choose to wear anime avatars themselves.
  • Creativity/Originality/Tastefulness/Attention to detail
Note! I won't be including (afk)sex clubs, or regions with lots of explicit content, but some regions are adult rated and have some amount of adult content around regardless.

Please feel free to IM me recommendations!

Ready? Lets go!


In no order of preference, It is A-Z.

Akiba Radio Kaikan

Where all the nihon people go! Gets lively at Japanese hours.

There's also a recreation of the real Akihabara Radio Kaikan here, where you can find all kinds of Japanese anime items that can't be found elsewhere - It's kind of a treasure trove!

Annie May Haven Star/36/191/1548

Where mine and Utilizator's anime store lives, a great place to go build your first starter anime av!

Bare Rose

Main: Rose/147/12/30
Kemono: Cat/176/42/21

Huge anime/cosplay shop!

Canvas Cafe Island/64/190/831

Small hangout region, it seems friendly and has a cool arcade! I'm told they regularly update with new builds and themes.


Virtual Anime Roleplay MMORPG style sim.

Destination Guide

The Second Life official destination guide has an anime category which is worth checking out.

Fluffy Beach Symphony/148/233/22

Very cosy sim that has had a lot of love put into it, with a very fun/casual community

Hentai High - Anime Urabon

Although the sim is named Hentai High, this seems to be a genuine roleplay sim, and a nice one at that!


Japanese/Anime Mainland Community, Check out the giant ferris wheel and the big shop thing on the other side of the road!

Inaka Kingdom of Hattin/84/139/76

Japanese Community, quirky mainlanders!


Coastal anime town with some cool stuff in it!

Note the entrance has some on the nose adult stuff around which might bother some but most of the sim is not like that.

Kokoro Academy Ranch/167/106/3713

Where those mythical green uniformed people live! It's my anime school/town!

Kowloon's Gate

Based on the old Kowloon Walled City. Lots of anime content and fun stuff to be found here.

New Sushi City Scarlet Rain/233/153/20

This place is fairly new, but the build is promising and seemed to be fostering a new community when I visited!

Sakura Oishi City

Seems like a nice faithful Japanese town build!

Shinto Shrine Register

All shinto shrines in Second Life
This is an overview of all Shinto shrines in Second Life.

Although not strictly anime, there is a lot of cross over as Shinto is the spritual heart of Japan. I found exploring these sims a lot of fun, espescially collecting Goshuin Stamps at new years is fun!


The community at Tohoku seems to have quietened down in recent years but they have a really nice build that's worth checking out!

Yumix Square Land/141/118/21

Long running Japanese Community with a lot of anime stuff

... More to come!

There are many more anime sims to discover on Second Life. Try the search or asking friends for more hidden treasures! I'll of course update this list over time too.

Hope you found something fun!

Bye bye!